Jenny, Bliss Fit YogaREGGAE VINYASA12:00 p.m.
Jess, Gypsea AirFREE FLOW YOGA1:00 p.m.
Maryam, Gaze Hot YogaYIN-ISH YOGA2:00 p.m.
Wes, Gaze Hot YogaHATHA STRONG3:00 p.m.
Christine & Alana, House of Light YogaYOGA FOR WELLBEING4:00 p.m.

Jenny, Bliss Fit Yoga in St. Petersburg

12:00 pm

Reggae Vinyasa

A dynamic, move to the music, easy to follow vinyasa yoga class. This beginner-friendly flow includes chill vibes, reggae beats, and yoga poses to strengthen, balance, and stretch. This is geared for everyone to follow & get the benefits of yoga, no matter your age or fitness level.

Jess, Gypsea Air in Tarpon Springs

1:00 pm

Free Flow Yoga

Open up, breathe, go with the flow. This all level class will leave you feeling stretched, relaxed and energized. Fun transitions and movement for a great day in the park!

Maryam, Gaze Hot Yoga in Tampa

2:00 pm

Yin-ish Yoga

A yin-based practice that focuses on releasing connective tissue in the body and de-emphasizes the use of muscles.

Wes, Gaze Hot Yoga in Tampa

3:00 pm

Hatha Strong

A Hatha party to work strength in traditional Hatha Yoga postures to improve range of motion, effectively use the breath, and progress your practice.

Christine & Alana, House of Light Yoga in Spring Hill

4:00 pm

Yoga for Wellbeing

Yoga for Wellbeing is a moving meditation uniting the breath, body and mind, followed by a peaceful sound bath to renew and restore you.