Thank you for considering being a vendor at Tampa Bay Veg Fest 2019. To participate, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Tampa Bay Veg Fest reserves the right to accept or decline any application at its discretion.

2. Each vendor must submit an individual application and payment. Spaces may not be combined.

3. Setup begins at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 9, 2019. Vendors must be ready for operation by 9:30 a.m.

4. Vendors must staff their exhibits during the entire event from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Failure to follow this condition will result in vendor being ineligible to participate in future Veg Fests. We request all vendors remain with their exhibits until 5:00 p.m. out of courtesy to patrons, other vendors and organizers of event.

5. Vendors are responsible for setup and breakdown of their exhibit. Each vendor will provide their own tent (100 sq. ft. maximum — 10′ X 10′) and/or table (8 ft. maximum) unless other arrangements are made in advance. Any vendor with a tent larger than 10′ X 10′ must obtain a permit from the City of Tampa Fire Marshal well in advance of the event date. All tents shall be weighted and not staked.

6. All tables, tablecloths, chairs and other staging materials must be provided by vendor.

7. Photos and video of you and your vendor table may be used for future outreach, education, marketing, and or other purposes.

8. Vendors must have signage clearly identifying the name of the vendor. Food vendors must have signage clearly listing food offerings and prices. ALL FOOD MUST BE VEGAN.

9. Vendors shall exhibit, sell, or give away only merchandise, literature, and services specified in Application.

10. Vendors shall not sell or give away food or beverages without prior approval.

11. All food sold or given away must be vegan. Vegan means no animal products of any kind: no meat, fish, fowl (flesh, fat, broth, or gelatin), eggs, dairy, casein, whey, or honey. All food vendors must use recyclable and/or compostable service ware. No Styrofoam or plastic straws will be permitted.

12. All merchandise sold or given away must be vegan (i.e., no leather, feathers, wool, fur or silk products of any kind), not tested on animals, and should be as environmentally friendly as possible.

13. No balloons of any type will be allowed.

14. All animal rescue groups or other groups bringing animals must have animals on leashes or in cages. Cages shall have something on bottom to collect the animals’ waste.

15. Animal rescues (or any organization or individual) that breed animals, or support the breeding of animals, are not permitted to participate in Tampa Bay Veg Fest.

16. All vendors are encouraged to bring hand trucks or wagons to bring items (particularly heavy items) into park.

17. All food/restaurant vendors are encouraged (but not required) to give out free samples of their food products.

18. Electricity will be provided to vendors (requests will be filed as they are received). Electricity is available in Zone B only. Generators are encouraged. Electricity is not guaranteed in the park.

19. If cooking with grease, vendor will need to supply 1/2″ plywood and/or rubber matting on the ground beneath the cooking and service areas to absorb the grease. The same requirement applies to an area which produces a large amount of heat (i.e., a grill). You may cover either of these with a non-flammable material if you wish.

20. All food vendors who are cooking/heating onsite and/or have a refrigerator must each have a class k fire extinguisher by order of the Fire Marshal (can be a small fire extinguisher).

21. Here are additional requirements by the City of Tampa:
A tent with a square footage in excess of 100 square feet shall require a tent permit. Tent permits must be applied for in advance of the event through the Fire Marshal’s Office.
– 10’ x 10’ tents must be a minimum of 2’ apart.
– Tying together 10’ x 10’ tents to make a larger tent is not permitted. If you need a space larger than 10’ x 10’, please contact
– LP Tanks must be a minimum of 5’ away from cooking appliances and heat ignitions must have an approved UL Hose line.
– LP Tanks may NOT be under the tent during operations.
– Each tent is required to have a Certificate of Flame Resistance on site. If no certificate exists upon inspection, no cooking will be allowed.
– All tents where there will be cooking of any type shall have a 2A-10BC rated fire extinguisher, or larger, with an up-to-date inspection tag.
– All grease laden cooking shall require a minimum of one Class K Fire Extinguisher with an up-to-date service tag. Any vendor who will be deep frying shall have a tent made from flame retardant material.

22. We encourage all vendors at this event to purchase food at the event to support our restaurant vendors. However, if you choose to bring something to eat with you, we ask that you please not bring any animal products to eat (meat, etc.) out of respect for all animals and the effort that has gone into making this event a completely meat-free and animal product-free event.

23. Penalties for failure to abide by these rules include ejection from this year’s Veg Fest and possible suspension from participating in future Veg Fests.

24. Should any contingency interrupt or prevent the holding of Tampa Bay Veg Fest, including but not limited to inclement weather, war, terrorism, or lockouts. Event coordinators will make their best effort to reschedule the event on a weekend day as near to the original date as possible, but there is no guarantee that the fest will be rescheduled.

25. Vendors agree to make no claim for any reason against event coordinators or The City of Tampa for loss, theft, damage, or destruction of goods, nor for injury to themselves, employees, volunteers, or visitors incurred at the event.

26. An accepted application is a commitment to participate at Veg Fest and no refunds will be made for cancellations. A confirmation email will be sent once application and payment have been received.

Questions? Please email