ChefFood DemosTime
Shari Leiterman Raw Vegan Burgers 12:30pm
Johnny Douglas, My Hungry VeganCreamy Rosta Pasta2:00pm
Thalia Tatham, House of VeganoDumplings and more!3:30pm

Shari Leiterman, Rawsome Living

12:30 pm

Raw Vegan Burgers

A 30 year + vegan and raw foods educator, chef, coach, PT, and mom of 2 amazing vegan sons.
I travel and chef at retreats around the world. Love living a simple and active lifestyle. I will support your journey in achieving your optimal health and happiness as well.

Nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. Creating optimal and unstoppable health and well-being is a journey. The more time you create healthy habits the more successful you will achieve them. I help find the way so you don’t have to muddle through the confusion and overwhelming misguided information. Keep it simple and thrive.




Johnny Douglas, My Hungry Vegan

2:00 pm

What's eating at you!

Open discussion and live. Cooking them all on healthier, eating habits. It’s so easy to say go vegan and be done with it but it definitely doesn’t stop there!! Knowing the tools and resources to go to when you are in desperate situation’s for finding healthy options is so important!! Let me Plant the seed with some basic tips on a healthier eating journey

Thalia Tatham, House of Vegano

3:30 pm

Dumplings and more!

Thalia Tatham is the visionary behind House of Vegano, a thriving sushi restaurant located at 1990 Central Ave in St. Petersburg, FL. Despite having no formal culinary background, Thalia’s journey into the vegan lifestyle holds a deeply personal significance as well. After adopting a plant-based diet, she experienced a life-changing transformation in her health. Having struggled with lupus symptoms for years, Thalia discovered that going plant-based significantly alleviated her condition, allowing her to lead a healthier and more vibrant life. This profound change in her well-being further fueled her commitment to veganism and inspired her to share the benefits of this lifestyle with others through her culinary creations at House of Vegano. Her success as a vegan sushi chef and the positive impact on her health serve as a testament to the remarkable possibilities that embracing a plant-based diet can offer. Drawing inspiration from her grandfather’s elaborate dinners, she honed her craft to create delectable plant-based sushi dishes that have captivated the taste buds of her customers. Alongside her culinary pursuits, Thalia also serves as an EMT, showcasing her dedication to both the culinary arts and helping others in her community. Her journey exemplifies the power of following one’s passions and creating something extraordinary from the heart.