Food Demos

ChefsFood Demonstrations at Tampa Bay Veg FestTime
Chef Adam Kantrovitz (Rawk Star Café)Egg-less Salad and Cabbage Crack (raw)10:45 a.m.
Ray Milton (Ray’s Vegan Soul Foods)Sautéed Kale & Sweet Potato12:00 p.m.
Michelle & Bruce OdiorneIndonesian Inspired Zoodles (raw)1:15 p.m.
Ellen Jaffe Jones Tofu Scramble & Green Detox smoothie2:30 p.m.
Chef Timothy Fedorko (Farmacy Vegan Kitchen & Bakery)Peach BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich w/Jalapeño Slaw3:45 p.m.

Adam Kantrovitz

Adam Kantrovitz is the Owner and Operator of Rawk Star Café in Oldsmar, FL. A Graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Adam also attended the University of Hawaii for one year where he studied Management with a focus in the Hospitality Industry. From June 2010 – Present, Mr. Kantrovitz has operated the Rawk Star Cafe. The Rawk Star Cafe is a vegan cafe that specializes in plant-based, raw, vegan food, organic smoothies, and a retail super foods section. Today, more and more people are looking for a healthier, more sustainable way of living and eating. Rawk Star Cafe is our way of sharing with people the benefits of non-processed, non-manipulated, organic natural foods and snacks from around the world. We are here to make eating healthy, fun, energizing and appealing. Healthy food that tastes good!

Rawk Star Café has 2 locations:

4011 Tampa Rd, Ste 11, Oldsmar, FL 813-855-0007

740 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 727-440-6026


Egg-less Salad & Cabbage Cracks (raw crackers)

Ray Milton

Chef Ray Milton is a plant-based soul food expert He is the creative force and founder of RAYS VEGAN SOUL Plant based Living. He loves creating foods that are healthy, appealing to the eye and the palate.

I love the challenge of taking traditional recipes and updating them using ingredients that are healthier, plant based and “Vegan” (no animal products or animal by products). It is gratifying to introduce new flavors in new combinations to create edible masterpieces. The smiles and soft moans that are uttered are addictive praise. It inspires me to continue to create new recipes and it feeds my soul.

Professional Chef, Baker and Boxing Trainer for over 20 years

Nickname: The Plant Based Alchemist, Formerly Sugar Ray given for having fast hands like his Idol Sugar Ray Leonard and for being a pastry Chef and baking cakes that “knock the sweet tooth out”

Previous Occupations: Boxer, formative trainer for local greats former Champion Jeff Lacy and former Champion Winky Wright, Publix, Hilton, Dan Marino’s, Owner of Southside Boxing Gym, and Owner of Sugar Rays Bakery.


Sauteed Kale & Sweet Potato

Michelle & Bruce Odiorne

Originally from Elkhart, Indiana, Michelle developed a love of cooking as a child watching her father prepare meals for fellow firefighters. She began experimenting with cooking as a teenager. She considers herself a self-taught cook and is currently enrolled in the Forks Over Knives Online Cooking Course from Rouxbe. She earned an Associate Degree in Business from Indiana University, South Bend while working full time and raising three (3) children.

As an adult she began to study the relationship between nutrition and health after family members and friends fought or lost their battle with disease. After viewing several documentaries highlighting the link between nutrition and health she attended two whole food plant-based (WFPB) immersions. Armed with this information she enrolled and received her certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at eCornell With this knowledge it became obvious there was a connection between adopting a WFPB lifestyle and the prevention and aid in the treatment of life-threatening conditions.

Since the implementation of a WFPB lifestyle in 2012 she and her husband Bruce have enjoyed weight loss, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, decreased blood pressure, less joint inflammation and pain, and healthier looking skin.

Avid organic gardeners since the early 1980’s, she and her husband continue to grow and preserve fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits. In their travels around the country they actively seek out WFPB restaurants and farmer’s markets that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Michelle is an Ambassador for PlantPure Nation which premiered the Documentary PlantPure Nation [Motion Picture] in 2015, and is a PlantPure Nation POD Co-Leader for Tampa Bay Roots for Plants. She was interviewed by Lee Fulkerson, writer and director of the documentary Forks Over Knives in July, 2016.

She and her husband were presenters at the 7th Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest in 2016 and will be back at the 9th Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest November 3, 2018. Since February, 2013 they have facilitated monthly WFPB potlucks featuring guest speakers and/or educational programs. Additionally, they hold monthly WFPB cooking demonstrations at Nature’s Food Patch in Clearwater, Florida as well as monthly WFPB cooking demonstrations at Hillsborough County Government through their Wellness Program. Their on-going goal is to provide the necessary information to individuals, corporations and communities about the benefits of adopting a WFPB lifestyle. To schedule a cooking demo, contact Michelle at Their adventures in a WFPB lifestyle can be followed on Facebook.


Indonesian Inspired Zoodles (raw)

Ellen Jaffe Jones

Ellen Jaffe Jones is the author of 6 vegan books including “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day,” “Vegan Sex,” and “Vegan For One.” As a sponsor of The Boo Vegan Run in Sarasota where she lives, she travels extensively speaking on the national vegfest circuit. She is a nationally ranked sprinter and personal trainer.


Tofu Scramble & a Detox Smoothie

Timothy Fedorko

Tim is brains behind our food’s taste, texture and appearance. Channeling his decade plus in conventional restaurants, Tim has become a master at “bridging the gap”, that is, finding the delicious means of achieving familiar flavors and consistencies while tirelessly remaining true to Farmacy’s plant-based convictions.


Peach BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich w/ Jalapeño Slaw